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Queering Black History Month

Media Team February 1, 2021


In 2019, Queer Events began marking Black History Month with an awareness campaign aimed at raising the visibility of Queer Black members of the community. This year, for 2021, QE will continue the campaign for a third year with a theme to continue raising the visibility of Queer Black people and notable moments in queer history.

A key part of understanding and accepting Queer Black people in both the LGBT2Q+ and Black community is knowing our place and power in history. When questioned on notable black queer and trans members of the community, most answers reflect back for a handful of names from USA. QE will be continuing our campaign to raise visibility and highlight LGBT2Q+ Black individuals within Canada to emphasize the work that is being done right here. In addition this year, the campaign will also be focused on some key moments in history that have sparked conversations around race and discrimination in Canada’s Queer Black History.

When we forget our past, we do not see our lives in the full context of the struggles of the moment and we will never make forward progress. We must build upon what has been laid as a foundation to reach new heights instead of restarting from the beginning every time.
Trini, Queer Events

The month will also include the launch of QE’s “Not So Average Book Club” series which will be focused on non-fiction book selections and discussions that continue to educate and broaden perspectives on the topic of racism and its intersectionalities with the Queer community.

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