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Queers for Dinner is about creating new friendships based on a mutual love of good food and good conversation. Queers for dinner helps organize meals by picking delicious, local restaurants and invites awesome LGBTQ folks (and allies) to sign-up and hopefully meet some new amazing people! Queers for Dinner is currently based in Toronto, Canada.

Queers for dinner is not affiliated with any of the restaurants at which meals are hosted.

Services & Activities

Each month, Queers for Dinner helps to organize meals at local restaurants. The dates are posted on the website with details on the location, payment options, and washroom situation. Once you find a meal you like, simply sign-up and write a short bio to introduce yourself to other guests. Guest bios will be posted to the web page for the meal they are attending, so you can see who will be coming to dinner!  Each meal will have no more than 4-6 guests so that people get a chance to talk to each other. Queers for Dinner will e-mail each guest to confirm the meeting place and time before the scheduled date. Meals will last one to two hours depending on the guests at each meal.

    Queers for Dinner
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    Food for Queers Community Program

    Food for Queers
    Stay Safe. Not Hungry

    Providing support for 2SLGBTQ+ folks experiencing food insecurities within the city of London

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