The Ghetto Goddess Series: Book 1 - queer book listing - brew ghetto goddess series book cover
302 pages G USA
Language: English
Publisher: Lulu
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Arjana Rambeau, a trans teenager from Baltimore, carries many secrets, one of which is she is a witch. Beginning to start a new school, she finds herself at the center of an unwarranted conspiracy. As she makes new friends, while attempting to maintain her old ones, she must learn how to distinguish who she can trust, because it seems everyone wants a piece of her and her growing powers.

Bembe Rambeau is a mystery, infamous amongst the magical community, she has very few friends but a collection of enemies; enemies, who seem to be attempting to remove not only her allies but her daughter as well; threatening both her small empire and family’s legacy. Bembe must now combat shifting loyalties while crafting an alliance with an enemy who she once wished dead.

Brew follows the lives of a mother and daughter, one who thinks she knows everything and another discovering what she knew isn’t true at all. - author image - Dane Figueroa Edidi

Dane Figueroa Edidi

Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi is an African,Cuban, Indigenious, American trans performance artist, author (yemaya's daughters, brew, wither & baltimore: a love letter, remains:a gathering of bones), teacher, choreographer, oraclur consultant, healer, advocate, and a founding member of force collision.

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