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London Ontario has a diverse and vibrant Queer community. However, as a community we have long been disconnected from each other in different spaces in our city. In 2016, the Queer Events team came together and decided we were going to do everything we can to help ensure these spaces can be bridged, that our community can have access to the spaces, tools and information they needed to connect with each other in a different way.

Our goal is to see a more connected, stronger, welcoming and accessible LGBT2Q+ community.

Our first phase was creating a tool that empowers our community with information we need to connect, whether you are looking to expand your social group, gain new experiences, are new to the city or to (an expert at) being out and proud. was born. A dynamic website with comprehensive information on what is happening in our community and resources we may need to access including information to assist in breaking down barriers and helping individuals to make more informed decisions.

Our second phase is all about you. Connecting with and identifying the gaps in our community and the ways in which we can help bring our community together. This has led to several initiatives and we are currently developing more. If you would like to provide your input or collaborate with us please connect with us at

Please Note: Queer Events is not affiliated with any other group or organization. We are independent!


Queer Events (QE) is committed to working towards a strong, welcoming and accessible LGBT2Q+ community. QE creates events that bridge existing gaps and opportunities to connect; through our online portal,, we empower our community with information; and through education and advocacy we promote inclusion, diversity and a more welcoming queer community for all.

Queer Events. The future is Queer.

Our Current Programs and Initiatives - A QE Inititave

This website was our first initiative which launched in the fall of 2016. Since then our site has become a central portal for all LGBT2Q+ events, resources and opportunities in London, Ontario and across southwestern Ontario. provides a free community listing for queer-centric events and community resources who are providing support and services to our community.

Queer Pub Night

QueerEvents Presents Queer Pub Night

Queer Pub Night is a monthly event that provides a welcoming social space for all members of the queer community to come together to create a judgement free space that will encourage friendly conversation where all voices are respected.

Held on the 3rd Thursday of each Monthly, currently held at the London Brewing.

Queer Book Club

Queer Events - Presents Queer Book Club

Queer-facilitated discussion group dedicated to reading novels by queer authors that tackle a variety of subjects and interests. This group aims to bring all members of our community together in a safe, supportive and inclusive space.

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