Queer Education

Education & Awareness Are Our Greatest Tools

The LGBT2Q+ community can feel a little overwhelming and even a bit confusing when first introduced and that’s ok because our community is diverse, complex and much bigger than it seems.

The Queer Education Hub is here to provide helpful information to individuals who are looking to grow their understanding of the LGBT2Q+ community. This space is particularly useful for those who may be new to the community or are looking to begin the journey in becoming an LGBT2Q+ ally.

Education is the best tool in the fight for LGBT2Q+ Acceptance

QE's LGBT2Q+ Awareness & Sensitivity Training

Queer Events Education provides individuals, companies and organizations with the insight, tools and understanding to create environments that are LGBT2Q+ inclusive, accessible and welcoming.

We offer consulting, training and custom education services for each organization, providing training that's relevant to your context and your unique requirements.

Our training facilitators have lived experience within the LGBTQ2S community, and provide meaningful personal insight that supports the development of LGBTQ2S-inclusive environments.

Combat discrimination with EDUCATION!

Future is Queer! #QueerEvents