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speqtrum is a youth-founded, youth-run, and youth-focused skill-sharing and community building program for queer and trans young people in Hamilton, ON.

We aim to build community among queer and trans youth, ages 17-29, by offering monthly Active and Social sessions, along with skill sharing workshops led by members of the community.

Recognizing we all have different interests, abilities, and comfort levels, speqtrum creates a variety of spaces to meet other like-minded LGBTQ2S+ peers.

As young people, we have an exciting opportunity here in Hamilton to shape our community in a real and lasting way. Launching soon, our co-planner program will give you the opportunity to plan the events that you would like to see.

speqtrum also recognizes the need for broad LGBTQ2S+ activities, and we invite elders and peers outside our target age range to collaborate on our events.

Services & Activities

Active - speqtrum active sessions give you a chance to move your body and test your limits in a safe, easygoing environment. Activities vary each month so you can choose which one suits you best. All bodies and skill levels are welcome and supported at our active meetups. We strive to make all our active sessions accessible to as many people as possible; any accessibility constraints will be noted on the event.

Social - speqtrum social sessions provide you with a place to meet like-minded queer and trans peers. Each social session will feature a different activity, so you can choose which one interests you or just come to all of them! Our social sessions are designed to recognize the diversity of identities and interests in our community- we recognize that One size does not fit all.

Workshops - speqtrum will be hosting regular skill-building and skill-sharing workshops, creating spaces for you to learn and try something new with your peers. Workshops could include woodworking, screenprinting, resume and job seeking, spoken word, or anything else that our participants express interest in. 

Food for Queers Community Program

Food for Queers
Stay Safe. Not Hungry

Providing support for 2SLGBTQ+ folks experiencing food insecurities within the city of London

No questions. No contact. Just Support!

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